The 50 Best Meant To Be Quotes - (2023) (2023)

The 50 Best Meant To Be Quotes - (2023) (1)

When people think of meant to be quotes, we usually think of love and romance. However, there are many kinds of quotes about what is meant to be – and what is not meant to be. They range from hilarious to heartfelt, and they are all important.

Meant To Be Quotes

These 50 quotes are great ways to start your days.

  1. “Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.” Mandy Hale
  2. “When it’s not meant to be, the journey will be that much more difficult and uphill.” Rutino Lara
  3. “It’s no good running a pig farm badly for 30 years while saying, ‘Really, I was meant to be a ballet dancer.’ By then, pigs will be your style.” Quentin Crisp
  4. “Oh, it was meant to be. It just wasn’t meant to last.” Kate McGahan
  5. “You may not be where you want to be. But that is where you are meant to be. The only reason why you are here.” Suyasha Subedi
  6. “When two people are meant to be together, they will be together. It’s fate.” Sara Gruen
  7. “You can’t be all you are meant to be if you think you are better than others, and you can’t be all you are meant to be if you think you are less than others, either.” Ruby Dee
  8. “The difference between comedians and the general public is that we are meant to be funnier. And when you’ve got politicians giving material so easy that the general public is doing it, what is the necessity of us anymore?” Jim Jefferies
  9. “We can’t go back to who we once were. We can only go on and become the person we were meant to be.” Anthony T. Hincks
  10. “The dog lasted. The marriage didn’t. So it shows which relationship was meant to be.” Lisa Lampanelli
  11. “Learning lessons is a little like reaching maturity. You’re not suddenly more happy, wealthy, or powerful, but you understand the world around you better, and you’re at peace with yourself. Learning life’s lessons is not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be.” Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
  12. “We’re not meant to be perfect. It took me a long time to learn that.” Jane Fonda
  13. “I wanted to believe that in the end, the universe would take care of us, and we would end up exactly where we were meant to be.” Julianne MacLean
  14. “If people don’t like who you are, they aren’t meant to be in your life.” Yungblud
  15. “People are meant to be certain places, and I think I’m meant to be on a sound stage doing situation comedy.” Bob Newhart
  16. “I was made exactly the way I was meant to be made in who I am and my personality and the way I was born.” Megan Rapinoe
  17. “I couldn’t have dreamed you into existence because I didn’t even know I needed you. You must have been sent to me.” Kamand Kojouri
  18. “Our Creator would never have made such lovely days, and have given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above and beyond all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal.” Nathaniel Hawthorne
  19. “Fighting is not what I do – it’s who I am. It’s what I was meant to do, what I was meant to be. I knew that right after my first MMA practice.” Jon Jones
  20. “If you don’t like me, if you like me; both are equally cool. I send love and positive energy to all those people in their lives. I hope they find where they’re meant to be.” Willow Smith
  21. “Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. It’s the only way to become who you were meant to be.” Rian Johnson
  22. “Life is funny…we never know what’s in store for us and time brings on what is meant to be.” April Mae Monterrosa
  23. “It was meant to be, or it wouldn’t have happened.” Scott Stabile
  24. “I think I’m just always myself, and I think that’s what’s most important to me. Just be genuine. Be authentic. Be who you are and who you were meant to be. And celebrate that. Celebrate all of that.” Alyssa Edwards
  25. “Sometimes nothing is the best something. If a thing is meant to be sometimes it’s best to just let it happen, rather than try to force it.” David Greenwalt
  26. “I just wanted to go to New York and be on Broadway, but then I was accepted by Juilliard, where they trained me in classical voice. It was great in the end, but at the time, I thought, ‘What am I doing here? This is not my path.’ But it was absolutely my path and where I was meant to be.” Audra McDonald
  27. “The stretching of your faith is immediate pain that results in ultimate gain. It is in the waiting that we become who we are meant to be.” Mandy Hale
  28. “This is your moment. You’re meant to be here.” Herb Brooks
  29. “I was meant to be a composer and will be I’m sure. Don’t ask me to try to forget this unpleasant thing and go play football – please.” Samuel Barber
  30. “I think there’s a path cut for us, a destination mapped out. Everyone ends up where they’re meant to be, and how they got there doesn’t really matter.” Pattie Boyd
  31. “In moments of denial, it can be so easy to forget that nothing is in our human control and that, when we embark on a new venture, if it’s not meant to happen, it just won’t happen.” Rutino Lara
  32. “A lot challenges me! Not psyching myself out, not doubting myself, not comparing myself to others… all of that challenges me. But inevitably, challenges are put into our lives so that we may grow and become the best version of who we are meant to be.” Lana Condor
  33. “I just believe that you have to allow each other to grow in the way you’re meant to grow and not be afraid of losing that person, because if you grow apart, then you grow apart, and that’s the way it was meant to be.” St. Lucia
  34. “You can do anything as long as you don’t stop believing. When it is meant to be, it will be. You just have to follow your heart.” Keke Palmer
  35. “If it’s meant to be, it will be. It’s destiny… or not. It doesn’t have to be perfect.” Marc Lawrence
  36. “When youth live in fear of becoming who they are, as adults, they can’t become the creative beings that we are meant to be on this planet.” Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
  37. “To yield to Resistance deforms our spirit. It stunts us and makes us less than we are and were born to be.” Steven Pressfield
  38. “You were meant to be right here right now…so make the most of it!” Ken Poirot
  39. “If we’re meant to be together, then we’ll end up together.” Mark Brazill
  40. “You were meant to be forever lost; you were meant to be forever found.” Dennis Schwab
  41. “Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” George A. Sheehan
  42. “I think our life is a journey, and we make mistakes, and it’s how we learn from those mistakes and rebound from those mistakes that sets us on the path that we’re meant to be on.” Jay Ellis
  43. “When relationships don’t work out, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it just means you weren’t meant to be together.” Tracy McMillan
  44. “I’m a strong believer in ‘everything is meant to be for a reason’.” Nicole Scherzinger
  45. “A calling is the place where your gifts, abilities, desires, and feelings of worth all meet. When you follow your calling, you feel at home, at peace – you feel as though you’re where you’re meant to be.” Mike Yaconelli
  46. “I feel powerful when I’m onstage talking to an audience. I like communicating; it feels like my calling in the world. Knowing what you’re meant to be doing with your life is pretty bloody powerful.” Naomi Alderman
  47. “Whatever’s meant to be, will be. I’m a firm believer in that and I’ll make it work.” La La Anthony
  48. “You know how you’re in elementary school and the teacher goes around the room and, like, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I said, ‘NBA player.’ And she’s like, ‘Well, OK. Maybe pick a real job.’ But I really believed it. I felt like I was meant to be here.” Kyle Kuzma
  49. “I don’t believe I was meant to be a professional quarterback. I was meant to have these life experiences and be an impact on others who’ve struggled. That’s what I’m meant to do.” Ryan Leaf
  50. “Nothing can save something that is not meant to be, no matter how hard you try.” Bipasha Basu

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Hopefully these quotes will let you see what is meant to be this week

These fifty quotes are about finding and celebrating our human potential, in life and in love. Nobody ever said this would be easy, or even simple. These quotes remind us that when we are frustrated with life’s challenges, we are doing what we need to be doing. Carry on.

The 50 Best Meant To Be Quotes - (2023) (2)

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