Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (2023)

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  1. What Is Team Picker Wheel?
  2. How to Use the Random Team Generator?
  3. Set Team Names
  4. Tool Customization
  5. File Storage - How to Save/Open/Delete File?
  6. Enable Title Section
  7. How to Share Team Picker Wheel?
  8. Features Summary
  9. Specification
  10. Random Group Generator Use Cases
  11. We Want to Hear Your Feedback

1. What Is Team Picker Wheel?

Team Picker Wheel is a random team generator developed by Picker Wheel team. It helps you to split a list of names into teams or groups. It is also known as a random group generator or can be used as a random partner generator.

By inserting the list of names into the team generator, the team generator will randomize all the names you entered into equal groups. You can set the number of groups or the number of people/group you want to create, generating equally into random groups.

There is another unique feature from this tool where you can choose to balance the gender of participants equally into groups, in the condition you have set the gender of each participant after filling in the names.

Besides, you don't need to download the groupings result manually. You can save the group's result as an image or download the group's result in a CSV file for further use.

2. How to Use the Random Team Generator?

  1. Insert participants' names (Two methods available).

    (Video) Random Team Generator - Generate random groups / teams from a list of names EASY

    • Insert one by one. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (1)

    • Insert a list of names (one name/line) by clicking the view/import inputs button. Import by uploading an .csv excel file is also available. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (2)

  2. Choose distribute equally based on what kind of characteristic. You can choose Default, Gender or self-defined Label.

    • Default - Just distribute equally the list of people into the groups without considering anything else.

    • Gender - Distribute the same number of genders from the list of people into the groups.

    • Label - Distribute the same number of labels from the list of people into the groups.

    Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (3)

  3. [In Condition] If you choose the Gender or Label mode, you can choose whether to show gender or label icon before their names when the result is replayed. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (4)

  4. [In Condition] If you choose the Default mode, you can also decide how many people are chosen from the given list. The selection is totally random. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (5)

  5. Insert the number of groups to be produced. OR, fill in the maximum number of people/group wanted. (By filling either of these fields, the system will automatically fill in another field for you based on your current name lists.) Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (6)

  6. Press the start button to randomize grouping. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (7)

  7. Wait for the result. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (8)

    (Video) Random Team Picker, Student Selector, and Number Generator for Online Teams

  8. Download as CSV file or save as image. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (9)

  9. Open groups board again. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (10)

  10. Remove all the groupings. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (11)

  11. Modify the inputs or redo the whole process again to get a new result.

These are just the basic steps to use the random team picker. There are still other great features, for example, custom team names, customization, and others we will describe in the following few sections.

3. Set Team Names

In case if you want to change your team names, it is also doable.

By default, we use Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, etc., for the team naming. You can change the team names by clicking the "Set Team Names" button. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (12)

Write your desired name beside the team you want and click save. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (13)

You can customize the team maker to suit your needs.

You have to do it at the Tool Settings section (below the generator section). The Tool Settings is located at this position: (Click it, then it will expand) Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (14)

Below is the customization you can do:

  • Disable confetti.
  • Mute sound.
  • Change starting, spinning, and ending sounds.
  • Use different tool colors with several themes provided.
  • Use different background color for the whole section.

5. File Storage - How to Save/Open/Delete File?

This is only applicable for logged-in users. It is free to sign up for an account. Click the menu button (top right of the page) and sign up. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (15)

(Video) 5 Randomizers to Use in the Classroom

For non-logged-in users, by default, the lists with their gender will be saved automatically in your browser's storage. So, you can still access the same data the next time when you visit again at the same browser.*please take note the data might be lost if you clear the browser's history or when your browser's memory is overloaded.

For logged-in users, you have more benefits when using the file storage.

  • You can save more than 1 name list in file. (Free Users - 15 Files available, Premium Users - Unlimited)
  • You can access the files with any device.
  • Feeling peace of mind without worrying the data loss.

Below are the steps for how to save/open/delete your file after signing in to your account.

  1. Click the File button. Choose "Save List to File.." for saving, "Open File.." for loading, "Delete Saved File.." for deletion. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (16) Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (17)

  2. For save: Choose a file to save then assign it with a name. You may also replace the old file. It will save your inputs with their latest statuses. You can also whether to include current tool settings. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (18)

  3. For open: Choose a file to open.

  4. For delete: Choose a file to delete.

6. Enable Title Section

By using the title, your audiences know what the purpose of the generator is.

You can open or close the title section by clicking the More Button from the Inputs section. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (19)

And write down the name, e.g.: assignment random pairing. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (20)

The title will also be displayed together when the board is displayed. Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (21)

Click the share button from the Team Picker Wheel site.

(Video) [HOW-TO] Create a Randomized SPINNING WHEEL Name SELECTOR in PowerPoint (Easy Method!)

Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group (22)

You may include your current people inputs and the tool settings, e.g., colors for the share link. Copy the link’s address or click the copy button to share the Team Picker Wheel with other people.

We highly appreciate you could share the application with your friends and family.

8. Features Summary

  • Group participants' names randomly. There is an algorithm behind to do the randomization.
  • Insert a list of names directly to this random list generator.
  • Consider gender as a factor during group generation.
  • You can select the grouping requirement either through the number of groups or the number of people/group.
  • Result of the group randomizer is available in a CSV file for download.
  • Result of the group randomizer can be saved as an image.
  • You can change the team names.
  • Various customization is available.
  • Save the lists to online files.
  • Title section is available.
  • Share the name list with other people.

9. Specification

  • The random team generator is free of charge.
  • There are no limits for the number of participants you can insert.
  • You can produce a maximum of 100 groups.

10. Random Group Generator Use Cases

There are many places where you can use the team randomizer. You can use it in the classroom, games, sports, or when doing pairing.

Use Case 1 - Classroom

A lecturer can distribute the students quickly, equally, and immediately into groups for assignment or discussion. Lecturer can also directly replace the team names with the task names.

Use Case 2 - Game

There are a lot of games involving grouping. Hence, participants can be grouped easily by using this random group generator. You can also enable the balance gender distribution mode for fairness.

Use Case 3 - Sport

During sport competition, you can use it to decide the participants for each of the groups.

Use Case 4 - Partner/Pairing

You can also use it as a random partner generator or random pairing generator by setting the number of people/group as 2. In this way, you randomly produce several pairs of partners from a list of names.

(Video) Team Picker Wheel Video Example

11. We Want to Hear Your Feedback

If you have any feedback or discover any bug about our team randomizer. Please response to us as well. We may take your feedback to make the Team Picker Wheel become better.

Let's Use Team Picker Wheel to randomize your groups from now on. Happy Grouping!


How do you randomize people in groups? ›

To implement random assignment, assign a unique number to every member of your study's sample. Then, you can use a random number generator or a lottery method to randomly assign each number to a control or experimental group.

Is there an app to randomly pick teams? ›

Random Teams 4+

Random Teams is the perfect tool to use for any quiz, game or competition. Quickly divide into teams and keep track of the score. You can reuse the same teams over and over again for any recurring competition.

Is there an app to divide people into teams? ›

Team Picker Wheel is a random team generator developed by Picker Wheel team. It helps you to split a list of names into teams or groups. It is also known as a random group generator or can be used as a random partner generator.

What is the tool to randomly pair names? ›

What is Combination Generator? Combination Generator or Pair Generator is an online tool to pair and generate all possible (unique) combinations from one or two lists of items or names which can be sorted by group, random or by input.

What is the best way to randomize participants? ›

The easiest method is simple randomization. If you assign subjects into two groups A and B, you assign subjects to each group purely randomly for every assignment. Even though this is the most basic way, if the total number of samples is small, sample numbers are likely to be assigned unequally.

How do I randomize a list into groups in Excel? ›

How to randomize lists in Excel
  1. Insert a new column. Insert a column next to the column you wish to randomize. ...
  2. Input the formula. In the first cell of the column you inserted, type in the RAND formula, which is "=RAND()". ...
  3. Sort column in ascending order. ...
  4. Changing the randomization. ...
  5. Stop the randomization.
Jun 24, 2022

What is the app that generates groups? ›

Class Dojo has a random group maker built into their Toolkit. You can also find this as an app for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Random Group Maker by Flipquiz is another easy one. Add your class list and type in how many groups you would like and students will randomly be place in groups.

Is there an app to pick who chooses? ›

Chwazi is a funny and interactive way to randomly select someone from a group of people, or sort teams and pairs. If the question is like “Who will pay the bill” or “Who's in my team”, Chwazi can help you :) All of that, packed with nice animations and some playful interactions.

What is the website that draws names randomly? ›

Name Picker is an easy-to-use online tool to draw a random name from a list of names. You can select a name by spinning a wheel or instantly choose multiple names at once. Just enter a list of names, select draw settings and spin the wheel or start raffle to draw a random name.

How do you divide team members? ›

Make a detailed plan, divide it into different parts, and note down what has to be done to achieve the objectives mentioned in the plan. Employees generally have varying skill sets, so you need to map individuals to different components of the plan. Utilize those skills to complete the tasks at hand.

How to do a Teams call with multiple people? ›

When you're already on a call, you might want to add someone new and create a group call. in your call controls, then type their name or phone number in the search box.

How do I convert users to Teams only? ›

On the Account tab for the user, under Teams upgrade, click Edit. You can set the Coexistence mode. Modes other than Teams Only can only be applied to users homed in Skype for Business Server on-premises, and conversely only users homed in the cloud can have TeamsOnly mode.

What is the best app to randomly pick names? ›

Pickster is a simple little app to help you pick names randomly from a collection - just like drawing names out of a hat, but with less paper... and hats. Paste in text as a new list! Copy names to your phone's clipboard with commas, tabs, or newline characters separating each name.

Is there an online tool to shuffle names? ›

A Randomizer is an online tool to shuffle and randomize a list of items and arrange it in a random order. Enter your custom list of items or names in the form to rearrange the list items in a randomized order.

Is random name picker free? ›

Random Name Picker is a free online tool where you can quickly pick a winner from a list of names, participants, things, cities, and whatever you want.

How do you create a randomized list? ›

How to randomize a list in Excel with a formula
  1. Insert a new column next to the list of names you want to randomize. ...
  2. In the first cell of the inserted column, enter the RAND formula: =RAND()
  3. Copy the formula down the column.
Mar 17, 2023

Can Excel randomize a list? ›

Finally, you can also use the Excel Shuffle feature to randomize a list. To do this, select the list of numbers that you want to randomize and then go to the Data tab and click on the Shuffle button. This will randomize the list for you.

What are the four method of randomization? ›

In this article, common randomization techniques, including simple randomization, block randomization, stratified randomization, and covariate adaptive randomization, are reviewed. Each method is described along with its advantages and disadvantages.

How do I create a random picker in Excel? ›

How to generate a random sample using Excel
  1. Add a new column within the spreadsheet and name it Random_number.
  2. In the first cell underneath your heading row, type “= RAND()”
  3. Press “Enter,” and a random number will appear in the cell.
  4. Copy and paste the first cell into the other cells in this column.

How do you create a randomizer in Excel? ›

Typing =RAND() puts a 9-digit random number between 0 and 1 in the cell. The function =RAND() will re-randomize each time you make any changes to any other part of the spreadsheet. Excel does this because it recalculates all values with any change to any cell.

How can you randomize items of a list in place? ›

The shuffle() method randomizes the items of a list in place.

What is BAND app for all groups? ›

BAND is a mobile community application that facilitates group communication. Created by Naver Corporation, the service is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

Is the groups app free? ›

It's free. Groups works with your native contacts and phone capabilities, so it's completely private. + Group your contacts into Friends, Family, etc.

Can you auto group apps? ›

On an iPhone or Android device, gently place your finger on an icon and drag it on top of another app. The phone will automatically create a folder containing those two apps. Tap Done. To add apps into an existing folder, drag an app into that folder.

How does the chooser app work? ›

This is such a simple but yet fun app. Basically you put your fingers on the screen (you can do it with other people) and it chooses a finger so for example if you can't choose what to have for dinner, then the person who got picked can choose!

What is App Picker? ›

appPicker is the web's leading indie iOS app blog. No one covers indie apps the way we do. Our passion is helping you, the independent developer, get app success. Fact: unless you're a major publisher with a large budget, it is virtually impossible to succeed in today's app marketplace.

What is the app to guess people? ›

Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking of, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is. Will you dare challenge the genie?

What is random name generator? ›

A name generator can be a quick and easy way to grab a false identity for web signs ups and any other interactions with people or companies that you'd prefer not to know your real name.

What app gives you random things to draw? ›

The WannaDraw mobile app is an artists' paradise where you can enjoy random drawing idea generators.

How do I pick a Secret Santa remotely? ›

How do you do a virtual Secret Santa online?
  1. Set a budget and pick a date.
  2. Gather participant wish lists.
  3. Draw names with an online tool like Elfster or Giftster.
  4. Mail gifts to recipients.
  5. Exchange gifts via video call.
May 1, 2023

How to divide group of 100 people into multiple scrum teams? ›

  1. Ask the Product Owner to assign the people to teams .
  2. Ask the developers to divide themselves into teams .
  3. Create teams based on their skills across multiple layers ( such as database , UI , etc. ) .

Can you make a 3 way call in Teams? ›

Go to Calls, type a name or number, and select Call. Your first call automatically gets put on hold when you make the second call. After the second call connects, on your call controls, select More actions (...) > Merge Calls.

Can you be on two Calls at once on Teams? ›

If you're already on a call, you can answer or start a new call anytime. We'll place your current call on hold and take you straight to your new conversation. Tip: Go here to learn more about what you can do while you're on a call in Teams.

What is Teams only mode? ›

Users in Teams Only mode will receive all calls and chats in Teams, regardless of whether the sender is using Skype for Business or Teams, and benefit from interop and federation support.

What is the difference between Teams only mode and island mode? ›

In Islands mode, all messages and calls from federated users (people outside your organization) are delivered to Skype for Business. After upgrading to Teams Only mode, all messages and calls from outside your organization are delivered to Teams.

Can I use Teams as an individual? ›

Open the Teams app. Tap Add account. From here you can add a personal or small business account. Just enter your sign in information and follow the instructions.

What is the app that everyone draws on? ›

Artists and illustrators love Sketchbook for its professional-grade feature set and highly customizable tools.

What is random name selector app for iPhone? ›

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What is the difference between shuffle and randomizer? ›

Shuffle mode would be to shuffle the playlist so that the songs don't play in any specific order. Random mode would pick a random song from a playlist and play it.

Is there a name generator app? ›

Choose Namify's app name generator

Just type in your keywords and search for the name that works best. It generates a list of memorable and meaningful names. It checks domain name availability for your preferred names. It offers a complimentary logo customized for your business.

What is the most common number on randomizer? ›

The most random two-digit number is 37, When groups of people are polled to pick a “random number between 1 and 100”, the most commonly chosen number is 37. The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (“what is 6 times 9”, correct in base 13).

How do I pull names virtually? ›

The 4 Best Ways to Draw Names From a Virtual Hat
  1. Random Name Generator. A random name generator is an easy way to get your Secret Santa going. ...
  2. A True Virtual Hat. There are simpler algorithms that mimic a hat almost exactly. ...
  3. Wheel of Names. ...
  4. A True Secret Santa Generator.
Oct 1, 2019

How do you put students in groups randomly? ›

If you decide to give it a try, consider these options:
  1. Interest groups. This works especially well with history and reading but can work in other subjects as well. ...
  2. Popsicle sticks. This is a random grouping teacher favorite, but students can use it as well. ...
  3. Paint swatch secret ballot. ...
  4. Random name selector. ...
  5. Team Shake.
Aug 22, 2019

What is an example of random grouping? ›

Sample uses:

Assign seats as students are entering a room or to switch up a seating chart. Pair students for a quick discussion. Pair or group students for activities that allow them to review and practice a concept (e.g., quiz one another, brainstorm how much they know about a topic, etc.).

How do you randomize respondents? ›

How could you get a “random sample” of survey respondents?
  1. Approach random people on a random selection of streets at random times.
  2. Call randomly generated phone numbers at random times of the day.
  3. Mail out letters to randomly selected addresses from randomly selected regions.

What is random grouping? ›

In mathematics, random groups are certain groups obtained by a probabilistic construction. They were introduced by Misha Gromov to answer questions such as "What does a typical group look like?"

What is the website that sorts students into groups? › the site that sorts people into balanced groups! This web site can sort lists of people into balanced groups based on your needs. For example, a teacher could use the site to organise their class into groups which are balanced on age, gender and ability.

What is the best way to randomly select students? ›

7 fun random student selectors
  1. Colored cards. A simple way to select a student at random is to pick a colored card with their name on it at random. ...
  2. Playing cards. ...
  3. Classcraft random picker. ...
  4. Color wheel. ...
  5. Dice. ...
  6. Let the students choose. ...
  7. Colored sticks (pencils, or chalk)
Nov 28, 2019

Why is random grouping important? ›

Randomized groups have the advantage of arranging people to work with others they may have never worked with before and may not consider working with. This helps students to: consider problems from a new perspective, develop group normalization skills, and improve their communication skills.

What are the two types of grouping? ›

There are two main types of groups: primary and secondary.

What are the examples of grouping data? ›

Grouped data means the data (or information) given in the form of class intervals such as 0-20, 20-40 and so on. Ungrouped data is defined as the data given as individual points (i.e. values or numbers) such as 15, 63, 34, 20, 25, and so on.

What is a grouping variable example? ›

Grouping variables can be: Categorical variables: a category like “Male” or “Female” and “Control Group” or “Experimental Group.” Binary (Logical) Variable: a binary digit, 0, or 1. Numeric Variable: a number, like 1, 2, or 3.

How do you randomize a list of data? ›

How to randomize a list in Excel with a formula
  1. Insert a new column next to the list of names you want to randomize. ...
  2. In the first cell of the inserted column, enter the RAND formula: =RAND()
  3. Copy the formula down the column.
Mar 17, 2023

How do you create a randomized sample? ›

There are four key steps in selecting a simple random sample.
  1. Step 1: Define the population. What population do you want to research? ...
  2. Step 2: Determine the sample size. ...
  3. Step 3: Randomly select the sample. ...
  4. Step 4: Collect data from your sample.

How many types of grouping are there? ›

Four basic types of groups have traditionally been recognized: primary groups, secondary groups, collective groups, and categories.

What are grouping methods? ›

The grouping methods are techniques "for taking what you have observed and classifying the relevant groups for further study and comparison. A specific type of grouping method uses exploratory study to compare sets of data and to look for patterns and correlations between the data for causal effects."

What is the difference between random and randomize? ›

Random suggests the absence of any particular order, like leaves on the ground or static on a television. Randomized, however, means that that a random arrangement has been actively produced, like shuffling a deck of playing cards.


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